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 Apples to Pears is best known for its multi-award-winning ‘Gift in a Tin’ collection. Suitable for children of differing ages and includes many old-fashioned activities that encourage younger ones to put aside modern phones and technology and return to the skills of playing, building and learning. They encourage parents and grandparents to share the experience with their children.

Sew Me Up Floral Bunny - Gift in a Tin
Sew up your own adorable fluffy bunny with this simple sewing craft kit ...
Teddy Sewing Kit - Gift in a Tin
Just stuff and sew up the pre-made teddy body to bring him to life ...
Magical Fairy Fun - Gift in a Tin
Use this kit to craft eight flower fairy friends and a magical fairy door ...
Flower Pressing Kit - Gift in a Tin
Use this wooden flower press kit to press your own flowers to make cards and pictures ...
Mini Mechanic Build Kit - Gift in a Tin
The perfect gift for young aspiring engineers. Use the tools provided ...
Travel Dog Kit - Gift in a Tin
A useful kit containing many of the essentials for dog owners neatly contained ...

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