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 Make Christmas sparkle with our unique personalised Christmas cards and decorations plus a very special plate for Father Christmas and Rudolph! Gifts that will be kept, loved and cherished. Our personalised Christmas cards are designed and made in the UK by Tracey Russell and are lovingly hand finished with glitter and embellishments. Our personalised Christmas gifts are handmade with love in the UK.
When an order contains personalised items, please allow extra time for your order to be delivered - up to  14 days for gifts,  10 days for cards. If you need the other non-personalised items in a combined order to be delivered more quickly then it would be better to make two separate orders, thank you

Wooden Shaker Style Christmas Garland
Gorgeous shaker style wooden Christmas garland painted is cream, red ...
Lily-Flame Christmas Day Scented Candle Tin
Christmas Day - Warmth, Joy and Peace. This Lily-Flame scented candle is an ...
Lily-Flame Christmas Eve Scented Candle Tin
Looking cosy and luxurious in sparkly deep Blue and Gold. This Christmas Eve ...
Lily-Flame Christmas Pudding Scented Candle
Christmas Pudding from Lily-Flame is sweet and warming with a hint of spice ...
Lily-Flame Christmas Spice Scented Candle Tin
A warm blend of Cinnamon and Cloves. Our most popular Christmas spice scent ...
Lily-Flame Christmas Spirit Scented Candle Tin
Christmas Spirit - Good Cheer to One and all! This Lily-Flame scented candle ...
Lily-Flame Ho! Ho! Ho! Scented Candle Tin
Ho! Ho! Ho!; The finest wines, the deepest snow. This Lily-Flame candle has an ...
Lily-Flame Merry Christmas Scented Candle
Merry Christmas; and all good cheer ... Could this Lily-Flame candle be any ...
Lily-Flame Snow Fall Scented Candle Tin
Drifting down without a sound. This Lily-Flame Snow Fall candle scent is ...
Lily-Flame Warm Welcome Scented Candle Tin
Warm Welcome on a Mid-Winter's Night. A beautifully comforting scent of ...
Personalised Christmas Cards
Gorgeous personalised Christmas cards hand finished with glitter and ...

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